Ebley Full
Moon H3

Bodkin House Hash Party June 5/6th

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There is a really groovey shirt available - if you want one we will be taking orders on the day

The evening meal is £10, which includes a free Sunday morning breakfast
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Admin stuff:

    Arrive at the Bodkin GL9 1AF, if you want to erect a tent or just get sorted out, probably best to get there at 10.00am or before.

    All caravans and motor homes to park at the right hand side of the car park as you pull in, you will be directed where to park and camp.

    Day trippers to park on grass verge outside hotel

    The evening meal is £10 – Sunday morning breakfast is free

    You will then be registered, money taken off you as necessary.

Enjoyable stuff:

    11.00 a.m. run starts – hares: Dr Z and Massive, cyclists leave with PIB and BOB

    Beer stop on run, return to site 1 – 1.30pm

    Free hashy type lunch


    Games: The Rounders and other stuff

    Award ceremony

    7.00pm Evening Meal

    Music starts about 8pm

    Music stops at midnight bar still open


8.30-9.30am Breakfast (free)

11.00am Run leaves (hare: maddog, see below).

12 noon run returns (hopefully)

12.30 circle.

Free hashy type lunch

Sunday morning run will be set as a u-wot run, the following terminology will need to be memorised:

Blob of flour:         wot spot
Check:                  wot-oh
Check it out:         spot wot spot
On on                   wot-on
False trail:            wot not
R U:                      u-wot
On back:              nano wot
Regrope:             wot stop    
Very good run     Mega wot
Tough run           Killer wot

COST FOR THE WEEKEND £5 - essentially this is a pay as you go event, this fee is so we know how many will be attending, the £5 will be used to pay for the band, anything left over will be spent on give aways, such as beer or food -
please make cheques payable to efmh3
and send to Maddog, 50 Cam Green, Cam, Glos GL11 5HN

Please come along and make this a great weekend!!
Any questions: maddog@maddog.me.uk - organisers: Ebley Full Moon H3




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