Ebley Full
Moon H3


Ebley Full Moon was conceived in Malaysia, Phensic and Hollow Legs became regular runners with the Kuala Lumpar Full Moon Hash and immediately noticed the similarity between the climate and terrain surrounding KL and that of Ebley. Many nights they spent scheming and planning, planning and scheming and soon the plan was perfected, they must travel back to Ebley and put their plan into action.
They managed to escape from Malaysia posing as an eccentric British couple who were returning to England to start a full moon hash, it was a perfect guise. After they had been strip searched several times for drugs and recreation, or was it recreational drugs they shared a joint with the customs official and winged their way home. On return to Blighty they were immediately strip searched, beaten with birch sticks and then rolled in snow, the traditional welcome at the Old Crown, which is where the plans were finalised.
There would be two preliminary runs from the Crown. The first was on the 13th November, 1995, a newspaper advertisement was placed, a few friends were asked and the whole of the pub was invited, the landlord Stuart was one of the keenest. Nineteen turned up in trepidation, not many had ever hashed before, what the hell was it all about? Phensic and Hollow Legs had been out and laid a trail using flour and chalk. They very carefully explained the markings and rules of hashing and then told us there were no rules. All I remember of this is tearing around the surrounding housing estates before disappearing into some fields and returning to the pub, the markings were quite simple and we soon got the hang of them. I appeared to be deliberately looking for the false trails, I have since discovered that I have a defective gene that makes me do this regularly. Soon we returned to the pub and everybody seemed quite jolly, it was agreed that we would have the second preliminary run on December 27th, 1995 from the Old Crown. This time fourteen runners turned up and Dull Glimmer was the hare assisted by Phensic and Hollowlegs.
Run number 1, January 16th 1995, was again from the Crown and again set by Phensic and Hollowlegs (known from now on as P&H), somehow I had managed to get lumped with the write-up, always been a sucker. We had 54 runners, of which 37 were from C2H3, many of which soon became regular EFMH3 runners. I have varied recollections of this evening, running up and over Doverrow Hill in pitch black, looking back to see a snake of lights following. The run took us back over the other side of Ryeford and across the fields to recross the Ebley by-pass and return to the Pub. A thoroughly enjoyable run.
The next run, Pebbles was coaxed into doing the write-up, was from the Kings Stanley Sports club and a meeting was arranged to vote in committee/coven members. As we all know power breeds corruption and here is the evidence of that, the first coven: GM - Stormin Norman, RA - Phensic, Hon Sec/Hash Cash - Hollow Legs, Trailmaster - Borange, Hash Horn - Slugger, Beer Master - Crown Prince, Hash extras - Snowballs, FT, Badger.
Runs 3 and 4 were both set from the Old Crown and there was a general feeling that the that although this was to be hash HQ we should make good use of the excellent pubs in the beautiful surrounding countryside. We appreciated the support that the pub had given us, notice the name of the pub on the Hash T-Shirt, along with the other sponsor, Jonsrad Partner but if the hash was to survive we had to move on. So the hash left the Old Crown and haven’t returned, yet. Maddog!


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