Ebley Full
Moon H3


Ebley Fool Moon have held many exciting hash weekends and parties

Lets see if I can remember:

there was the Alice in Wonderland weekend at Little Dean Hotel, Forest of Dean, which was a hoot

Then there was the First Nash Mash - nash hash for full moon hashes only
This was held at Painswick Rugby Club - and is legendary

Of course there were the Olympic H3 weekends, every two years - which are still being talked about with enthusiasm

Another Nash Mash at Bream, Forest of Dean - excellent weekend, damn good fun

and Phensic’s fun weekends: the back to basic weekends, which are still running,
A weekend of using your initiative and scouting/guiding skills at Penn Wood, above Ebley

There will be more info and photos to back this up, and the other things I have forgotten about!

The first run with the
joint ra/gm-ship of Dr Z and Maddog

Beacon Hotel, Haresfield, 12.2.09

A large pack turned up to see what a balls up Dr Z and Maddog would make of things, and they were disappointed as the dynamic duo were totally amazing. Good run set by Borange, Snowballs and Mighty Mouse. Down downs were held en route with some lovely beer supplied by Borange.

Good Friday and Horrors Run from Painswick Rugby Club

Large turn out of about 100 hashers of all sizes. Good run set by Once a Knight, beautiful countryside - longer than your average full moon run, but damn good!

Food laid on by Mr Kipling and Mr Battenburg, then competition prizes, easter egg hunt for the kids. Best Easter Bonnet prize for kids and adults.

Mad down downs and a very entertaining cake auction with Dr Z.

Woolpack at Stonehouse by Plodders

Excellent run with stunning views across to the Brecon Beacons and Malvern. A large pack made up by quite a cross-section of hashes, a good mix.

The pub was really good, old coaching inn, didn't know that it was that good.
It also had excellent beers and company. And a mad man from Leeds who had just stayed in a really plush hotel and had his own business, we were very impressed.

The down downs were up to the lunacy levels now expected. Ridiculous!





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