Ebley Full
Moon H3

Sunday 15th September at 7pm.

This months run is on Sunday 15th September at 7pm.

The Old Crown Inn

Chapel Lane, Ebley, GL5 4TG

Hare: Plodders

Please remember your torches


Wednesday 14th August 7.00pm

This months Ebley Full Moon run is from:

Royal Oak, Cromhall,

(Tortworth Rd, Bibstone, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 8AD)

Hares: Moneypenny and Droop.

Still looking for a hare for Saturday 14th September.

On On


Saturday 13th July, 3pm

Ebley Full Moon's Christmas Party Run

From: (Borange & Dangermouse's House) The Forge, Haresfield, GL10 3DZ.

Party after the run, food provided by the hash. If you would like to bring a plate of something - snacks or salad, you are very welcome - let Dangermouse know please when you RSVP

Drinks at honesty bar

Christmas attire & Please bring a gift for the Secret Santa - labelled for a Hasher OR Harriet, £5 value



19th June7pm 

The Frocester George

Frocester,  Peter's St, Stonehouse GL10 3TQ

This months Ebley Full Moon Run is on Wednesday 19th June, 7pm

Hares: Stir Fry and Trigger.


19th May 7pm 

The Woolpack, Slad

Venue: the Woolpack inn, 4 High Street, Stonehouse,Glos, GL10 2NA

Your hares Plodders and Wanda


Friday 19th April
at 11.30am

Good Friday Frolics

Ebley Easter cake auction and Run From the Stirrup Cup Bisley, Stroud GL6 7BL
Bring a Cake and a choc egg ??


Friday 22nd March
at 7pm.

Amberly Inn, Culver Hill, Amberley, Stroud GL5 5AF

Hares: Darling, Creeper and Martini


18th Feb
at 7pm.

The Star , Main Rd, Whiteshill, Stroud GL6 6AE

Hare: Soggy Balls


Sunday 20th Jan at 7pm.

The Beacon Haresfield, GL10 3DX

Hares: Borange and Danger Mouse






Friday 23rd November, 7pm

Beaver Moon Run

at The Lamb Inn, Eastcombe

Ebley Full Moon H3 Friday 23rd Nov, 
Your Hare Stallion, from the Lamb Inn
Dr Crouch’s Road Eastcombe, Stroud
Gloucestershire GL6 7DN 7PM
November Moon is called a Beaver Moon (Don't ask me why)


Lamb Inn - country pub
Jonathan & Sarah welcome you to The Lamb Inn in this charming country pub constructed from Cotswold stone located in the picturesque village of Eastcombe


Thursday 25th October, 7pm 

Halloween Joint Run with the GGs

at The Dockers Club Sharpness

Venue: Dockers Club Sharpness The Docks, Sharpness, Berkeley GL13 9UN

Hares: Barbie Doll, Tooth Fairy and Dr Z

Dress code: Halloween theme.

Nosh: The club are doing a chicken curry at £4.00 per head for us. .Options are chicken curry & chips or chicken curry & rice all with a poppadom.
There is a veggie option of Veggie sausage and chips for the same price.

Please email Dr Z gordonpretty@hotmail.com or facebook message with your name and option, I need all names and order's by Sun 21Oct .

(Just to be clear if you order and don't turn up you’re still liable for payment)


Tuesday 25th September, 7pm 

Harvest Moon Run

The Woolpack, Slad

Stonehouse Glos GL10 2NA

Your hare Plodders.

Please don't park in pub car park,car park's in town or on local streets.

( Still looking for hares for future runs )


Sunday 26th August, 7pm 

Caviar Moon Run

Venue: The Old Crown, 17 The Green, Uley, Dursley GL11 5SN 

Hares: Borange and Danger Mouse. 

We are looking for hares from September on wards if you would like to set a Ebley Run. 
August full moon is often called the Sturgeon Moon.



Friday 27th July


Venue: The Hog at Horsley , Glos

Hares Mr K and Ms Batenburg.

Please park on streets or at village hall



Sunday 1st July 1.30pm for 2pm start.

The World Famous Ebley Full Moon’s Christmas Party!!

Host: Tooth Fairy

Venue: 14 Bowbridge Lock, Stroud, GL5 2JZ

Hares: Tooth Fairy, Fill My Cavity, Plodders and Martini

Parking available in surrounding roads

Festive attire required

Honesty pay bar

Please respond let Wanda know if you are attending for catering.



May 29th

Moneypenny and Droop Ponder the Severn Bridge

(joint run with Bristol Greyhounds HHH)

The White Hart, Littleton-on-Severn, S Glos BS35 1NR. W of Thornbury, N of Elberton

Hares: Moneypenny and Droop.




Good Friday, 30th March, 11am

This months Ebley Full Moon Run is on Monday 30th April, 7pm

The Old Forge, Whitminster, Gloucester GL2 7NY

Hares: Blue Rinse and Navigator.

Please park across the road at the village hall.




Good Friday, 30th March, 11am

The Good Friday Easter Egg Run

The Stirrup Cup, Cheltenham Road, Bisley, GL6 7BL

Hares: Cracker, Mr K, Ms. Battenburg

An Easter Egg Hunt for our Hash Horrors and
accompanying old FARTS!
Easter Bonnet parade (all ages) & Best Bonnet Prize!
Infamous Cake Auction (Need your donations please)
Bring an Egg

Download Flyer




Friday 2nd March at 7pm


Uley is the place to be

Venue: The Old Crown, 17 The Green, Uley, Nr. Dursley, GL11 5SN

Hares: Borange and Danger Mouse.



Wednesday 31st January, at 7pm.

Don't feel blue, leave that to the moon

Say goodbye to January with Ebley Full Moon

from The Huntsman Bristol Road | Falfield | Gloucestershire GL12 8DF.

7PM Wednesday 31st January, Your hare is Plodders
Its a Blue moon.
The Blue Moon – second of two full moons in one calendar month – will pass through the Earth’s shadow on January 31, 2018, to give us a total lunar eclipse. Totality, when the moon will be entirely inside the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, will last a bit more than one-and-a-quarter hours. The January 31 full moon is also the third in a series of three straight full moon supermoons .



Wednesday 3rd January, at 7pm.

First 2018 Run

The Old Spot

2 Hill Road, Dursley, GL11 4JQ

Hares: Dr.Z and Tooth Fairy.

Remember to bring a torch.



2nd December
11 a.m.

Ebley Full Moon's 300th Run!!!

Who said it would never last.

Venue: The Old Crown, Chapel Lane, Ebley, Stroud GL5 4TB
(the venue for the first ever run)

Hares: Plodders and Mr K

Nibbles in the pub after (please let us know if you are coming so we can cater for you)

If you have ordered a T-Shirt please bring the remainder fo the money you owe or pay Dr. Z in advance.



Saturday 4th November at 7pm.

This months Ebley Full Moon run is on

Meet at Shortwood National Trust Carpark (Haresfield Beacon) GL6 6PP (please note £1 for parking).

Hares: Borange & Danger Mouse, Dr. Dolittle & Private Parts.

Subs will be £2 this month to include fireworks and nibbles.

Please bring torches.



Hare raiser: Wanda

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